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OneCoin founder arrested, Mother introduced as OneCoin matriarch

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OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja disappeared and was arrested. She was scheduled to speak at a one coin seminar in Lisbon, Portugal, but never showed up. Her colleagues thought she was abducted. She has not been seen since October 2017. There are still many unanswered queries. Her whereabouts are unknown. The BBC podcast "One Coin, The Insane Rise a Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur", has gone viral.

Ruja Ignatova, the 40-year-old Bulgarian who co-founded OneCoin, was arrested in March 2019. She pleaded guilty for money laundering and fraud, and faces up 90 years imprisonment. Sebastian Greenwood, Sebastian's brother, did not respond to requests for comment. They still market OneCoin coin despite all the chaos. At a recent promotion event in Bucharest Veska Ignatova was introduced as the matriarch for the OneCoin family. She is sorry for the inconveniences that her brother and sons have experienced.

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OneCoin's founder attempts to explain how his company differs from bitcoin. It is because OneCoin was designed to be universally used. It was declared a "cryptocurrency killer" in 2014, and it is said to have the potential to change how we think about money. In 2016, Russian police arrested 18 people in Mumbai at a OneCoin recruiting event. The investigation began after $11 million was transferred from the bank accounts of suspects.

An investigation revealed that Ignatov had spoken privately with her sister about what to do in the event OneCoin failed. She wrote "take the money and flee, and don't be a burden on anyone else." It's unclear whether this is true, but a former co-founder has admitted that he was a victim of fraud. The case will continue. It is important that Ignatov, who has a criminal record, is not under FBI surveillance.

While many of the OneCoin investors were skeptical at first, they later realised that their investments had been a scam. This made the OneCoin scam more well-known. The OneCoin founder was convicted for fraud and lost her fortune. The OneCoin founder was nonetheless arrested for fraud. During filming, police also found the missing funds from the fund's investors.

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OneCoin founder Ruja Ingnatiova is suspected to have swindled her investors. OneCoin is a ponzi scheme run by the founder. It is a scam but not a Ponzi. It's an actual, legitimate investment. It is a complete fraud. It was a fraud and it has a bad name.


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OneCoin founder arrested, Mother introduced as OneCoin matriarch